Remarkable Ventures Climate fund (RVC) Invests in Camus Energy


Remarkable Ventures Climate fund (RVC) is proud to announce its investment in Camus Energy.

San Francisco-based Camus Energy is transforming the electric grid, helping its customers to better meet the increased electricity demand that will be part of the transition to a low-carbon economy. The company’s grid management software platform provides system-wide visibility and advanced control for a two-way, distributed energy system.

Camus optimizes the capabilities of the current grid with its grid orchestration platform. Its scalable, cloud native architecture works with existing utility software systems to proactively dispatch local resources to manage distribution network capacity and optimize the use of existing grid infrastructure.

RVC is excited to back Astrid Atkinson, Cody Smith, Michael Ryan and the Camus Energy team as they accelerate the adoption of renewable energy and the reduction of carbon emissions from the electric grid. They are already working with co-op and utility customers across the United States – and they are just getting started.

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Remarkable Ventures Climate fund (RVC) backs remarkable founders building the next generation of ClimateTech businesses.

Photo credit: Kit Carson Electric Cooperative