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We back Remarkable founders building the next generation of transformative ClimateTech businesses. We’re focused on companies creating new technologies addressing the largest and fastest lever for global decarbonization: the enterprise.

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About RV Climate

We’re investing in the Remarkable founders leading the transition to a net zero economy and building the next generation of planet-changing businesses.

We invest in Seed through Series A, and continue to support startups as they grow. We bring more than a decade of experience gained from backing 300+ companies, and a network of 1000+ experts to help you build your climate company faster.

Areas of Focus

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Energy Transition
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Built Environment
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Transportation and Supply Chain
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Remarkable Ventures Climate | Leadership

Murat Aktihanoglu
Jonathan Axelrod
Peter C. Goldmark, Jr.

Climate Venture Partners and Advisors

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Climate Advisors

Lee Ballin

Gary Binstock

Robert Brown

Andrew Chang

Vittorio Cretella

Sander Dolder

Elizabeth Fastiggi

Andrew Flett

David Gilford

Liron Gitig

Oliver Goldstein

Benjamin Grenier

Masatoshi Honda

Candace Johnson

Masayuki Kimura

Hap Klopp

Veijo Komulainen

Hiroaki Kuwajima

Steven Lee

Bill Murphy

Bala Nagarajan

Rushad Nanavatty

Jacqueline Novogratz

Julia Rhee

David Romps

Eran Sandhaus

Pat Sapinsley

Limor Spector, PhD

Homer Swei

Gernot Wagner

Daniel Zarrilli

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