SmarterX™, headquartered in Boulder, Colorado, is redefining the landscape of consumer product intelligence with smarter-1, an AI model that marries expert insights with AI innovation to unlock new possibilities in how companies understand, market, and manage products. Serving an esteemed clientele including Costco, Albertsons, and leading brands like Lysol and Colgate, SmarterX provides unparalleled insights to ensure compliance, minimize environmental impact, and foster cross-industry innovation. This pioneering effort is supported by a diverse team of experts—math nerds, chemistry wizards, and retail veterans—all driven by the vision to leverage technology for a sustainable future. Recognized for their groundbreaking work with awards from Fast Company and BuiltIn, SmarterXis not just leading in product intelligence; they're setting the stage for a future where businesses thrive through advanced, sustainable practices. Explore how SmarterX is not only answering "What could a product be?" but also shaping what it should become.

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